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Chapter 5:The One Who Got Away
All three of them turned to him, astonishment on their faces. The Doctor's eyes flashed dangerously. His heart was in his throat, and he felt like he was choking on it.
"What are you talking about Rory?" Amy asked.
"Well, I saw her. Last night. I'd forgotten about it until now. Until memory-you said something about the Bad Wolf."
"Rory, I need you to tell me exactly what you saw." The Doctor was advancing on him slowly, Rory saw anger in those eyes, and what the anger hid. Hope. He saw hope. The Doctor was hoping against hope that Rose had found a way back to him. "Rory, you had better be very, very careful about what you say next. If you even think about leaving something out, I will know." River winced at his vehemence, but she didn't intervene. She knew how important this was to the Doctor.
"I just went out to the Console Room to find the kitchens, and I saw Rose and the TARDIS-lady, Idris, talking. I heard Rose say something like: 'sorry, I still don't understand.' and I couldn't hear all of Idris' reply, but I heard her say 'Bad Wolf' and then they were gone and you dragged me into the kitchen." The Doctor sighed and sat heavily on one of the chairs.
"But how?!" He asked.
My word, does no one ask anything else around here? I myself have been wondering where on Earth and Gallifrey that statue in the swimming pool came from!
Rory winced, dropping to his knees. Amy rushed forward to him.
"Rory what is it?"
"It's Idris!" He exclaimed, surprised. "Wait, there's a statue in the swimming pool? What kind of statue?"
"The non-living kind, I hope." Amy muttered.
"What's my TARDIS doing inside of your head?!" The Doctor asked curiously.
"Maybe plastic's a better signal receptor than flesh?" Rory wondered.
Well, I needed a way to get in touch and we had that little psychic link from a while back. I figured it'd be easier than trying to establish a new one with the ginger one, or the one who has a penchant for guns.
"But what about the Doctor?"
"Rooooryyyyy~!" The Doctor whined. "What's she saying?!"
I think he just answered that question for himself, don't you? She sounded like she was smiling.
"Yeah. He did. So, about Rose..."
Oh, that reminds me... She said thoughtfully. Suddenly a siren began wailing the Doctor looked up in surprise.
"What's that, Doctor?" Amy asked above the wailing sirens.
"It means that something or someone has managed to get inside the TARDIS." He turned to them. "And they haven't got a key."
"You said that those doors could hold back the hordes of Genghis Khan, once. Have you downgraded?" An unfamiliar voice asked.
"No, of course not..." He spun around, suddenly. "You heard that too, right?"
"Yes." River was the first to answer. "We did." The Doctor hid a smile and wrung his hands.
"Right, well we should go and see who's paying us a visit." Amy followed, but Rory stopped River right before they left.
"River, what's wrong?" He asked, concerned. "I know that I haven't been exactly what could be considered a 'father' to you, but you can tell me anything." River turned to him.
"You were a perfect father. Even when we were just kids, I had to stop myself from calling you 'dad' and telling you everything. You would have been even better, if you'd been given a chance."
"Are you going to tell me what's wrong then?"
"It's Rose. I'm afraid that once he finds her again, he'll forget all about me."
"I don't forget about anyone." The Doctor said quietly from the doorway. River started in surprise. "Ever. My first ever companion's name was Susan, and she was my granddaughter. Or, that's what it felt like, anyway. We were family. We're always family, my companions and I. And I never forget any of you."
"You promise that, Doctor?" Rory asked quietly.
"I couldn't forget if I tried." Amy ran back into the room.
"Doctor, you're gonna want to see this."
"Okay, so I couldn't find anything wrong inside (but I don't know, there might be, I can't find my way about that place to save my life.) so I looked outside to be on the safe side, and... well, it's easier to see than explain."
Amy led them out of the TARDIS and into the warm Barcelonian air. Surrounding them, surrounding the entire police box, in fact, were twelve figures in dark green robes. They looked human, but then again, so had the Headless Monks. But they'd turned out to be... you know, headless.
"Who among you is the leader?" The one directly in front of them, a woman, asked. The Doctor stepped forward.
"That would be me, I think."
"Sometimes we're not so sure." River said, helpfully.
"Come with us."
"Who are you?"
"Of no consequence." A new voice, also female, replied.
"If I'm going somewhere, I'd like to know who with. Also, where. In case I need to spiffen up."
"That will not be necessary."
"Can you at least tell me your name?"
"We are the Druids of Altair. Now, will you come willingly?"
"Well, I've never met any druids before. I don't know how I can resist." The girls formed a circle around Rory, River, Amy and the Doctor who stepped through the circle for a moment to lock the TARDIS doors.
"Right then, ladies. Lead the way!"
Well that seems a bit anticlimactic to me... ^^; I felt like he was going to blow up a continent there for a second.
Shorter chapter, but it seemed like as good a place as any to leave off. Tell me what you think in the comments below...

Trust me, this is going somewhere. And guess who decided to make a (mini) appearance. =D

Doctor Who (c) BBC
Writing (c) me
(thanks to the seventh sanctum for helping me with the name idea for the Druids. I'm rubbish at names.)
Anyone notice
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By far one of my favorite companions. Ever. =D
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